Monster & Wine: Episode 56 - Asspocalypse

Can you imagine this episode would start off talking about Lamar Odom of all people? Well, maybe you could. Beware the herbal Viagra people. Talk of sports and the LA Dodgers leads M&W into "gotcha" journalism and how it has become the norm. Game talk is back, with Monster oozing with excitement over the just-announced Friday the 13th: the Video Game and it's Kickstarter campaign. Monster gets his rant on about the mediocrity that is American Horror Story: Hotel (thus far anyway), and pours favorable words over Daredevil on Netflix, while Wine proclaims that Scream Queens is frighteningly good fun. Monster asks Wine some thought-provoking questions in a segment with a very heavy "Inside the Actors Studio" vibe and tons of wacky news wraps up this episode.