Monster & Wine: Episode 64 - New Year, Same Old You

Welcome to 2016 and a piping hot new episode of M&W! The duo discuss some of what went down during their holiday season, including gifts that were exchanged. Well, kinda. The cliffhanger from the fall finale gets discussed and the result might not be what you expected. Trust me, it's a whole ordeal. Monster gives his review of Transformers: Devastation for PS4 and how it manages to take you down memory lane in the best of ways. He also regrets to inform listeners that a root canal is in his near future. Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally gets reviewed/discussed and no folks, it is not spoiler-free. Star Wars talk starts around the 42 minute mark. You have been warned. Lastly, a large chunk of wacky news ends this return to form episode of M&W.