Monster & Wine: Episode 81 - Dark and Depressing

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mom's out there. This episode starts with Monster telling a story of the gift he got for his mom. After some heart-warming goodness, Wine has a bone to pick with all the false-outrage surrounding the transgender bathroom issue that's such a hot topic in the news these days. Monster gives a couple of quick movie reviews, both for superhero flicks, "Deadpool" and "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." Spoiler alert: he really liked one and the other...not so much. The duo recap the season 6, episode 4 episode of Game of Thrones, "Oathbreaker." George Zimmerman is back in the news and is doing his best to cement himself as the most disgusting human being in the nation. The duo talk about it. Other headlines wrap up this episode.