My Pull List For 10/2/13 - Samantha Roehrig

Quantum and Woody # 4


Nothing could be more reckless than these two brothers hashing it out for who can find dad’s murderer. It is a love hate relationship between the two with nothing but love coming from me. I always think the accidental superhero is fun, but Valiant has taken it to a whole other level. We have Woody, the irresponsible yet most loved man and then Eric, the straight-laced dude you just wish would lighten up. I can’t enough of their fights, and the whole drama wrapped in hilarious undertones makes for great comics.

Molly Danger - Volume #1

Molly Danger vol. 1

This is one of those comics that I have been pretty anxious to see unfold. Action Lab has done such a great job with Princeless and Ghost Town, my two recent favorites, that I think they can’t go wrong with Molly. A preteen saving the city from the all the ruthless wonders sounds pretty fun to me. Knowing some stuff about the comic, I am interested to see how Molly balances being a hero while also trying to stay normal. I find myself recently drawn to books for children knowing I can always share my interest with kids...must be the hormones.

Bushido #1


With Halloween coming around, I am in the mood for spook more than ever. I think Bushido with its 5 issues will offer that thirst I am after. I like quick story lines that I can grab onto and then let go off soon after. Especially when I am in the mood for something specific that month. This will do as my fun read; plus what more could you ask for than a samurai killing off the supernatural?

Epic #1

Epic #1-2 copy

I feel like I cheated on this comic, because it is one I never would have heard off if I wasn’t on this site. It also looks like Quantum and Woody and Molly Danger wrapped into one. This may sound bad, but I mean it as a compliment. I think the reason I want to read this issue the most is for the art and creatures that are ahead. The cover alone has a dino-gorilla on it. The art looks fresh. It appeals to all ages. I haven’t read this comic yet, so maybe it will just fail on my rating, but either way I love the playful colors and the old school superheroes done here.

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