My Pull List For 11/6/13 - James Anders II

It’s a new month and the first week of the new month meaning… lots and Lots of new comic releases. Thanks to the guys and gals here at Comic Bastards, my mind has been opened to so many new and interesting comic titles, that I am finding my trip to the comic store more and more perplexing. This is good though as I am beginning to give more and more books a look where in the past, I had moved on scared to take a chance on something.  For that, I am thankful. But of course, Rome was not built in a day, and I am far… far… (way far!) to being that expert that I wish to be. I still have likes and without further ado, here are some comics that I am looking forward to reading that will be released on November 6, 2013.

Swamp Thing #25


The New 52 brought me back to DC Comics after many years of self-imposed exile.  Swamp Thing and Animal Man have kept me there as the writing on these two has been some of the best in years.  Of course Swamp Thing has always been one of my personal favorites all the way back to the Alan Moore “Saga” days of the 80's (Yeah, I’m that old).  I have found the writing and art on the New 52 Swamp Thing to be wonderful and Issue #25 should continue this pathway as it picks up right where the Annual #2 from last week left off…With a “Battle for the Green” occurring between our beloved hero and a young upstart from Alec’s past. Who will win? Who will become fertilizer?  Issue #25 will answer these questions. I can’t wait.

Earth 2 #17


While purchasing my Swamp Thing and Animal Man issues, I was bored one day and picked up Earth 2, just for the heck of it. I have been hooked on it ever since as the artwork, story and especially those covers, have me lapping it up even though I had no idea if there was any substance behind the bold presentations. I feel like there has been as this new generation of heroes who replaced the old ones that were destroyed after saving the Earth from the Apokolips menace many years before are here to face down the return of these old foes. The plot twists have been good and the characterizations solid as we have a likable (albeit) dysfunctional bunch of “new” heroes. Issue #16 dropped a bomb on the reader at the end. Now we are here at #17 to see what the fallout will be from that bomb drop.

Ghosted #5


I don’t know what to consider of Ghosted as of yet, but I keep on picking it up. The artwork is phenomenal, but the writing has felt rushed. I keep hoping that the two will meet as we are approaching the end of the arc. I don’t know why, but for some reason, this story seems like an adult twisted version of the old original “Scooby Doo Where Are You” TV mysteries. Like them, which I have watched a million times over, I think I keep checking out Ghosted as I can’t resist, old creepy mansions, ghosts, and good old-fashioned human greed.  Here’s hoping those “meddling kids” (Writers and Artists) can get it right.

Pain Killer Jane #1

Pain Killer Jane #1

Been awhile since Ms. Jane has been in print kicking some butt.  I have always found this regenerative “tough girl” to be an impressive character in the comics universe and she has had some real interesting parings (Punisher, Hellboy, etc.).  I am sure that this mini arc will be no different as it starts off with a simple security detail for Saudi Arabian royalty. No telling where it will go from there, but looking forward to the ride.  It should be exciting.

Protectors Inc. #1


The premise seems straight forward enough.  This special team of “heroes” take care of business even though there are no super powers to speak of.  Still, their “power” is formidable and when one of their own is murdered, it is obvious that someone of their “power” level and experience was responsible. The arc will follow those efforts to uncover the culprit. The pitch has me. Here’s hoping that Issue #1 will hook me in for the whole story.  I am excited to check it out and look forward to reviewing it as well. -- Of course there are countless others to explore for the week, but I don’t wish to bore you and there are a ton of titles that deserve to be looked at and enjoyed.  It is my hope that you the reader (and fan) can find that perfect one that fits “you”.  Happy hunting.