My Pull List For 9/18/13 - Samantha Roehrig

There are so many good comics that come out this week, but I had to narrow it down in order to really hit home the major players right now! Usually how I narrow my list is by asking myself what I would recommend to friends…? So here we go friends.

Ehmm Theory #3

Ehmm Theory #3

Gabriel and Mr. Whispers are traveling quite nicely in the multiverse. This comic grabs me at all levels. It has a talking badass cat, it has different dimensions that consist of crazy as shit characters, and it is wrapped all in a cute story. Bet you never heard cute and Action Lab’s Danger Zone used together...well now you have. And damnit if I am wrong but it is cute!

TMNT: New Animated Adventures #3


This comic relates to that little kid side of my brain. I love reading comics that I can suggestion to little readers. Hello they are our future and if we don’t get them hooked on comics who will? This Animated Adventure will for sure. The Turtles have everything we love about them; Mikey, ninja skills, and pizza. It is a great quick read that follows the show. I hope there will be a happy future for the show as well as the comic to let those little readers in.

Mind the Gap #14


This comic hits high notes and some low notes, but I have a feeling this issue will hit very high. Last time, we met some pretty key players in the whole conspiracy. Elle’s grandpa is sure to play the pivotal role, since he is the man behind the Fifth mask. Something is going to have to be answered soon. We didn’t see Elle at all last issue, she must be in for a wild experience here as well. I am only guessing, but either way I doubt you’ll be disappointed with this mystery.

Infinity #3


Okay I can say that I am digging this series. The whole Inhumanity thing was a big promotional blow up, but hey I am still excited, and I am allowed to be excited about shitty build up! Anyway, this comic will be apart of that whole thing. It has a good story and isn’t told like you would think. This may be a huge step forward in Marvel, and I really don’t want to miss it.