My Pull List: New 52 Future's End Special (9/3/14) with James Anders II

Well folks, the month of September is here and that means big things are happening in the comics world.  Yes, The Death of Wolverine begins and I am sure it will get all kinds of love and hype. But across the way at the other big dogs of comics, DC will be having another “EVENT” for this month in celebration of the anniversary of the New 52.  What is the event this time you ask? Another Zero Month?  More Villains? Or something else entirely? If you said answer number three, then you would be correct. DC will be taking a step up this month of about five years as they begin releasing titles for their Futures End story run that has been going on since May of this year and continues onward in its sometimes good, sometimes bad, and always confusing weekly running. But at least for this glorious anniversary month, we get to see how some of our favorite DC heroes are dealing with events that have begun five years in the future that is the starting point of the weekly series that ultimately will bring out the total end of the DC multiverse as we know it in  35 years.  At least maybe it will. Only time will tell relating to that and there are still a whole lot of issues to play out before we get to there.

FE GraysonWith DC’s anniversary special month events since New 52 came into being, I have had very mixed opinions.  I liked Zero Month and thought it gave an infusion to some tired titles that was needed.  It was well done for the most part and it actually brought me back to comics after a long layoff. So, I am thankful for it  As for Villains Month, well, all I can safely say is that the covers looked real good.  I fell hook line and sinker for the Villains and discovered that though there were some good ones, the vast majority of them sucked total ass.  To say that I was disappointed would be a very big understatement.  But, the covers did rock.  I still have the Black Manta one floating around on a screen saver. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the money that I spent on it. Big loss with only a few good ones to show for it. As for New 52 Futures End Month, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will once again be enticed by amazingly good looking covers that will blow the reader away.  Let’s just hope that there is some juicy steak into that sizzle that will be presented.

Now I am not going to go into the whole month with my pull list.  There are a ton coming out. And every week, we will be introduced to several more. No, I want to check out these first offerings being released on 9-3-2014 before I go into a headlong assault onto the others.  I got really screwed with Villains Month, so I enter into this “EVENT” with a little trepidation.  Concerning the 9-3-2014 releases, there are like 10 or so Futures End titles. Being the curious (and sometime foolhardy) addict that I am, I will cut them in half and give five of them a go. We will see what happens. If I am impressed, more will be checked out. If not, you will find me somewhere on social media bitching about it, loudly. I am hopeful however.  Here we go…

FE Earth 2Earth 2 Futures End #1

Quick confession, Earth 2 is pretty much my favorite DC title.  I would read about anything with the E2 logo.  Cover wise, the 3D one on this one is absolute kick ass. Man it looks nice. And story wise, it looks like it may be decent one.  We have Micheal Holt who is about as different a person from the Michael Holt on New Earth (AKA Mister Terrific) can be.  Earth 2 Holt has had none of the torment and trauma that his counterpart has so this little jolt of five years promises to be interesting as we will see a person who has to make some real hard choices even if it means some serious sacrifice. I’m in.



FE Swamp THingSwamp Thing Futures End #1

Like Earth 2, old Swampy has been one of my favorite of the New 52s. Having writers like Scott Snyder and Charles Soule hasn’t hurt it a bit either as I keep wanting more and more of Alec Holland.  Hell, I even got the Aquaman issue a couple of months back.  During Soule’s run, we have been introduced to other Avatars out there doing their thing (or not) in the world.  Soule has written it up nicely, especially from Alec Holland’s personal perspective as he ponders what to do regarding some huge choices that he has made in regard to The Green.  For the Futures End five year jump, we are going to get a battle royale of avatars in action that promises to be interesting.  This story sounds like it will be fun and it should continue to propel Swamp Thing into new realms that Soule has been exceptional at portraying. Ring the bell and let the battle begin.

FE Green LanternGreen Lantern Futures End #1

All right, THEY are back...

“The Blackest Night falls from the skies,

The darkness grows as all light dies,

We crave your hearts and your demise,

By my black hand, the dead shall rise!”

We have in this offering a full on return of  The Black Lanterns and a Futures End offering that promises to be kind of fun and deep as Hal Jordan is going to have a role in this one that may be more than he can handle to bring about the Black lantern’s downfall.  This issue promises to be powerful and introspective with a hopeful blending of the two.

FE Green ArrowGreen Arrow Futures End #1

This is another one that the cover drew me right into like a baby to candy. We have a lightning bolt people! With the story, we are going to be introduced to a new Green Arrow and this Futures End installment seems like a good jumping point for that. Unlike all of the others listed here, this one shot issue has the feel more of an opening issue, for which I am always a sucker to check out. Here’s hoping that it can bring it.






FE Detective ComicsDetective Comics Futures End #1

This last one was harder as I  was conflicted.  Grayson seems a little interesting as does Aquaman. But the story teaser on Detective Comics just seems way too intriguing for me to pass it up.  Apparently Batman will be partnering with The Riddler to unleash a new war on crime.  I can’t think of a more odd couple. So just on the tease, I have got to check this one out.  It may be some of the most god awful rubbish there ever was.  But my interest has been peaked. Hopefully the payoff will be there.




Well, as far as Futures End Month goes, here is my humble and biased take of issues worth tackling on the opening week.  The only thing that I know for certain is that the covers all look sweet.  It is my hope of all hope that as a reader of comics, that I will get a little bit more than just awesome covers.  I guess I will see.  Happy hunting fellow comic readers.  Let’s hope that this Futures doesn’t end in horrid disappointment.