My Top Rack: Angel Bridge

With two huge TMNT issues coming out this week, we were bound to see some bad-ass chicks sweeping across the pages. This week’s honor goes to Angel. First, I just simply love Angel. She has that whole rough and tough thing going for her. I dig the purple hair, the not-so-overdone leather, and of course the cargo pants. It is everything I wish I could be. I love how she leads a whole gang in New York City; no problem. Well she has a few problems, but handles it with grace. She has the moves to match her wit, and even Casey is a bit scared to test this girl.

This week particularly shows off just how cool Angel is. Casey’s father, Hun, has come into the picture as our new leader of the Purple Dragons. This guy is a tool, and would totally make My Limp Rack for this week. Angel challenges Hun’s ruling over the Purple Dragons. Just when the Dragons are starting to come around to being the good guys, he walks in. Of course no one has the balls to step up to him. Angel must now take that role. I love when she stands up for the herself. Hun is clearly the stronger one, but still she gives him a hit in the name of Casey and the Turtles. I look forward to her new role as the good guy. City Falls will hit its’ last issue next month, and she is bound to take down Hun or at least try. I beg TMNT for her take back her Purple Dragons, 1. because she can’t get rid of that hair, 2. the Turtles are in need of some help in order to take down Hun, Kraag, The Foot Clan, Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder, and many more to come.

MTR Angel