My Top Rack: Dayoung Johansson – Rocket Girl

Haven’t heard of Dayoung? Then pick up the first issue of Rocket Girl. Honestly, the art is what got me into this first issue. Plus Adam’s review of it was spot on. Dayoung is a 15-year-old cop from the future. And yes I do feel like a creep picking a young girl for this article. But oh well, she deserved it. Rocket Girl takes us on a time bending hunt in order to stop a wrongful company from making some pretty big mistakes. Dayoung has taken it upon herself to take on the hero role. She is from the future, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her spaceship uniform, freckles, and light spirit. Even better than that is the reason she decided to become a cop; for the jet packs. I pretty much would do anything for a jet pack. Having her say this brings in the fact that this girl is so innocent and young. I love that. But before you think “how can this youngster possibly be a cop”, well then Rocket Girl brings in all the stops for their action. I love the bright colors to get you really focused on the cute art. The action is fun and seems to be aimed at the younger audience. The best is when Dayoung decides to teach some cops from the past how not to cuff her. She has some playful hits with the boys and then goes on with her hero status. She thinks what she does in the past is normal and everyone should believe her since she is a cop. The truth is that the town is freaked out by her, and the scientist who brought her may just end using her for an experiment. Dayoung is disillusioned by her eagerness. She clearly wants what is right. This makes for such a great teen character. She still holds those values and morals we all once had as kids.

Obviously, she will be in for an awakening soon enough. Dayoung is what makes Rocket Girl into a fun comic. I love her attitude towards her work, and I especially dig her flying through the sky so light heartedly.

rocketgirl01_p1 copy