My Top Rack... Emma Stone As Gwen Stacy

I wanted my first pick for this article to be a big one. It took me some time to see what female made the cut and I kept going back to one character over and over. Emma Stone. Why do I feel this need to put my Sunday’s best on also while holding a six-pack of Bud Light Lime every time Emma Stone is on-screen? I don’t know. But this is what she does for me. I fell in hard for her while watching Easy A the 1st through 10th time. So then I went on this spree of watching Stone movies with my Funyuns and grape pop. I went through Superbad and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Then I got to see her in The Help. This is when my crush turned into a real life romance all built up inside of me. I know what you are thinking; that is just gas. And yes it was, but once that passed I still had this feeling called love. Oh and before all of this she brought us some zombielious goodness in Zombieland. So yeah she has been in my heart for a while. I can also speak for a lot of my friends when I say she is in their top five. Also I have never heard of anyone passing up marriage or a one-time fuck in order to kill her in the wildly fun game of “marry, fuck, or kill”. If that is reason enough that you are cool then I have grown too old to know what cool is. Emma Stone - MTR (2)

Now that you can see what an awesome gal she is, you can see why I wanted to give her the title of My First Top Rack for her character of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-man. A lot of dumb things have happened to these films. Unlike most I enjoyed the first film; the second film is going to be a whole other level though. Adding some pretty terrible members to the cast and Marc Webb revealing some bullshit picture everyday has been painful as a Spider-man fan.

This is where Emma Stone comes in. First, Stone is just down right hot. She has sex appeal in each scene. She is about the only thing that keeps me coming back to this franchise right now. Secondly, she comes across as the girl next door and manages to gracefully steal the scene from her counter partners. The Mary-Jane story had been told, so in starting this movie we needed a new female in Peter’s life. Gwen was the perfect idea since she was his first love. They couldn’t have picked this better in my opinion. She offers that girly look of being the Captain's daughter, and then she turns into that intellectual powerhouse with Peter, and turns out to a badass gf to Spider-Man. She brought everything I think Gwen needed for the movie.

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider Man Movie Photos

It is hard to look upon this new set of Spidey movies and not want to cry yourself to sleep, but behold Emma Stone. Put on your different lens for Stone’s character. She lights up the camera and is a true professional for me in this movie. The future's looking bright for her and if that happens to include me seeing this awful movie hitting screens then so be it. I will enjoy her role and hope that she can bring some beauty to an otherwise electric rhino of a movie.