My Top Rack... Iris West from Flash

The Flash #23 came out on Wednesday. I was pretty stoked for this issue because Reverse Flash gets revealed. The other reason I couldn’t wait focuses on the recent art of this comic. It has been amazing to see the pictures play out here. I wasn’t too impressed with this new Flash; plus Iris wasn’t even married to Barry. Bummer. I kept up with the story because I dig Francis Manapul’s art so much. This comic has got to be the best art I have seen recently. It is exactly what a Flash comic should include; with fast paced panels scattered throughout, it gives that speedster appeal. It is awesome. Iris #1

But let me dig into the real reason we are here. Iris West. She hasn’t been Barry’s wife, but you can sense the attraction between both of them. Barry just moved in with Patty. She is great and all, but she is no Iris. First reason why I love Iris. You can see her antagonizing Patty on her and Barry’s relationship. Only a total whore or aggressively awesome woman could do that. You decide what Iris is. Last issue, Iris got into a Flash-like suit in order to stay out of Reverse Flash’s head. It was total badass and I was hoping for some real action with her. Here we get minimal action with maximum delivery. I love it and it is the very reason I picked her for this week.

Iris #3

Spoiler Ahead!!!!!!!

Reverse Flash gets revealed and I was actually surprised by the role. Sometimes you don’t always get a surprise when dealing with DC or Marvel. He is Daniel West, Iris’ brother. Yeah, it was cool to see how the comic brought him back from #0. I also assume that Daniel will somehow be related to Wally West but who knows. Iris is the first person to find out his true identity. I was shocked to see her take a hit from Reverse in order to save Barry. Aww. The comic ends here, but Reverse Flash is getting his own series. From there we can follow his trail back in The Flash. Most likely Iris will survive, but she will be changed. Who will she fight for? Also, Barry is losing his girl, Patty, so things will soon heat up for Iris and him; at least I can hope.

Iris #4