My Top Rack: Kit Baxter aka Flying Squirrel

So many females were badass this week it was so hard to just pick one. I think James Anders said it right when 2014 would be the year of women! Can’t say I am complaining. My Top Rack got narrowed down to one in the end; Kit Baxter, for so many reasons. Let’s start with the best reason first though; Kit Baxter, aka Squirrel, kicks all sorts of ass with her witty personality. Without these quick tongue in cheek lines, I know this hero would become nothing but a rodent to me. Gregg Taylor wrote her perfectly. Probably reminding many women of their own quick wit, you can’t help but fall in love with this sidekick to The Red Panda. Her counterpart is so scientific and draws everything out on a board. Kit runs the show and reacts more along the lines of taking action. Screenshot (338)

Then you have got to give up for her outfit. Dean Kotz fits Flying Squirrel in the perfect apparel. Her costume looks like a skydiving outfit slash leather suit, and then she has got the usual leather pilot hat with goggles. Anyone else would look a fool, but Squirrel takes this outfit to whole new level. I love how she doesn’t have to be hanging out of her top in order to draw in the reader. She is cool as is.

I love the small flirtations the two have, but Kit doesn’t bother to fall over Red Panda. She makes fun of him and dares to beat him up when he does the same. The two make such a great team. I am assuming that she may not have been so tough when the radio show came out, but I am glad that they have made her this brute with the comic.

Screenshot (339)

Lastly, Flying Squirrel has all the right moves when it comes to this series. Not only can she handle her own with Red Panda’s banter, make jokes in midair, but she can fight off magical creatures all while flipping her red hair out of her face. She can fly through the air with her gliders right into any situation. Even when she gets surrounding by magical creatures that look like baby dragons, she still puts on a fight. I love this chick and for the sake Valentine’s Day, you should too.