My Top Rack: Leeward from The Wake

Up until Issue #6 of this epic comic mini written expertly by Scott Snyder and drawn by Sean Murphy, we have only seen Leeward in little bits and pieces; excerpts taken from the future. We had no idea what she was all about and her display was kind of confusing. No idea as to how she fits in this story of deep-sea horror, suspense, and (Spoiler Alert!!!) Apocalyptic ends. But now with the Issue #6 release, Leeward not only is featured, she is featured prominently and will be for the final five issues of this ten issue arc. As to how she fits in from the previous five issues to the characters whose actions occurred 200 years prior? You will need to read it. I will just say that Leeward has a calling that she intends to follow.

My Top Rack - The Wake (1)

Though she is mostly a loner (minus a dolphin companion named Dash and a fatherly barkeep), she is a survivor. She manages well in this world in spite of all the drama that is occurring around her in the form of Mer People pursuit, dystopian politics and chronies, and tricky high elevation living conditions. Hell, Leeward is more than a survivor. She's a thriving bad as whose toughness is clearly displayed throughout the issue. If you don't believe me, all you have to do is read the opening pages of the issue where we see her surrounded by the aforementioned Mer folk. Leeward demonstrates superior ability and craftiness in her dealings with the fishmen. She even walks away with some souvenirs that carries some real value in this wacky world.

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Snyder writes Leeward completely different from his protagonist Dr. Lee Archer from the first five installments. Where Lee was logical, parental, and questioning, Leeward is bold, brash, and has a single-minded determination. Nothing is going to stop her.

As for Sean Murphy, he depicts Leeward as a punk rock girl. Based on the backdrop of the world being the way it is, I think that Murphy's look fits the rebellious mentality our girl perfectly. She brings it, straight up.

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I have no idea where Snyder and Murphy are going with this story. I haven't had an idea the whole time I have been reading it. All I know for certain is that The Wake is good, real good. And, it has been a title that has captured my complete interest. Now with the second part of the tale underway, the guys have pulled out an A+ character in an A+ story. We are in for a real treat for the remaining issues.