My Top Rack: Lindy Turner from The Double Life of Miranda Turner

Bottom line, well actually this is my top line but same difference, I would love to be able to jump into some else's body and control their actions. This could lead to tons of trouble and probably a lot of people adopted cats and watching Demi Lovato music videos. But anyway, The Double Life of Miranda Turner is a comic by Monkey Brain that brings in two superhero sisters to light. Lindy was the original Cat hero but now gives her role up to her sister Miranda. Well more like Lindy was murder and now is Miranda’s ghost sidekick. They desperately search for Lindy’s murderer. With all the seriousness around this comic you will be surprised to find it very light-hearted. The comic is fun and entertaining in a lot of ways especially with the art. It is very fun with its bright colors and flowing lines. Lindy is by far the coolest character we meet though. You can tell this right away, which is awesome to be able to set up such good characterization this quickly.


What I love about Lindy the most is her being a ghost. She has lots of clever ways to get in and out of sticky situations for Miranda. This issue was by far my favorite with her being able to jump into someone else’s body. Lindy is one clever ghost and although is pretty cool too, Lindy will always be the coolest cat.