My Top Rack: The Women of Bubblegum Crisis

I've never really considered myself a big "Anime" slash "Manga" guy but I have done my time and there are tons of titles that I do have a soft spot for. Mostly the older stuff, I'm not sure why but there's just something about it that I dig. With that, I give you my first entry of Comic Bastards: My Top Rack. Welcome to the MegaTokyo, the year is 2032, the home of the Knight Sabers an all-woman team of mercenaries that are armed with state of the art power suits. Together these four battle ready bombshells aid the city and its special police force (AD Police) by battling the evil corporation by the name of GENOM and its cyber droid Boomer army that terrorize the city!


Silia Stingray:

She’s the boss apple sauce…of the Saber Knights. When she’s not calling the shots on the battlefield and  fighting the destructive force that are the Boomers; she’s making sure her customers are highly satisfied at her glamorous lingerie bouquet the, Silky Doll. Meow, daddy loves a woman who owns her own business.

Bubblegum+Crisis+-+priss (1)

Priscilla "Priss" S. Asagiri:

Oh this little minx is one hell of a badass. Not only is she a fan favorite, she takes zero shit and it shows with her P.F.R (Punk Fucking Rock) actions and sass! When she’s not blowing Boomers to smithereens with the help of her Motaslave, a motorcycle that turns into an auto mech; she fronts her own rock band! How hot is that? The mech motorcycle thing-- not the band. Hell, everyone is in a band these days.


Linna Yamazaki:

OMG, what can I say about Linna? One, fix your hair girl, I mean damn. You’re out there reppin’ the Saber Knights for Christ Sake and that side flop is so 2025. Oh and can you please give that damn head band a rest. I mean wearing it with everything is a bit much despite what color it is. Oh and baby girl, I know you’re a dancer but come on girl.  Oh well, I guess it is cute. Let’s not fight, now come over her baby and give daddy some sugar!


Nene Romanova:

Okay, somebody grab me a wedding ring because if this girl isn't cute as a button then I’m insane. Oh and she has government job working for the AD Police. Sit her in front of computer and she’ll hack your Facebook account in seconds, yeah she’s that good. With an outgoing and bubbly personality bordering on moronic, Nene is a keeper for sure and my favorite!

So there you have it, that’s my Top Rack featuring the lovely ladies of the classic cyberpunk series, Bubblegum Crisis! This choice was based on the 1987 OVA release from AnimEigo!! Even though the series has been revisited with updated and spin-off series there something that can not be replicated with a with this OVA master piece.