My Top Rack: Vampirella and Magna Spadarossa

Bill Willingham, the author of the uber famous Fables, is back with a new series called Legenderry, A Steampunk Adventure. So I am always a fan of steampunk comics, usually because they feature well-dressed ladies kicking ass and taking names and that’s why Legenderry caught my eye. legenderry1658

So I know usually these reviews feature one bad-ass female but I’m going to focus on two this time around. One of them being the Scarlet Club owner; who goes by the name of Vampirella. She is a classy business lady that can pummel nine villains all on her own with no weapons. The men in her club wonder aloud if they should offer a hand in a rumble but decide that she can manage on her own. I love her confident witty remarks and the way she takes charge in situations. Childhood me would have loved to be her. I can’t wait for what Willingham has up his sleeve for the next issue.

2014-01-10 00.24.11

Magna Spadarossa may seem like the victim that Vampirella has to protect but I think there’s a lot more to her since it seems she’s become public enemy number one. After becoming worried that her sister may have disappeared, she decides to investigate further to find her. Still even after the authorities and some shady characters tell her drop the search, she isn’t dissuaded. When a group of assassins pursue her she seeks help in the Scarlet Club. She is a very mysterious character and I think that’s what draws me, although; this is issue #1, so it leaves it open to discover who this Magna Spadarossa really is.