Operation Supply Drop Launches Ambassador Program

Leading video game themed military charity, Operation Supply Drop, today proudly launches its Ambassador Program. The program enlists key influencers, celebrities and well-known entertainment personalities to strengthen awareness for Operation Supply Drop's mission - supporting men and women in uniform that are currently deployed for combat operations and those veterans that have previously served, many recovering or struggling with serious injuries related to their military service. "Operation Supply Drop has teamed up with well-known personalities and influencers from the technology and entertainment industries that support the military and will serve as positive role models, helping raise awareness for our cause," said Glenn "Commander" Banton, CEO of Operation Supply Drop. "Our Operation Supply Drop Ambassadors are highly respected leaders that stem from television and cinema, sports, video games and online broadcasting. We are truly thankful to be able to avail ourselves of their talents and voices to strengthen our many efforts to support our men and women in uniform."

Initiatives benefiting from the Operation Supply Drop Ambassador program include fund-raising, program education, veteran-owned business startup mentoring, as well as job and career networking assistance. The Operation Supply Drop Ambassadors will also support the charity’s Thank You Deployment program, which enables wounded veterans to attend video game events to gain a behind-the-scenes insider look and experience first-hand what goes into making and promoting some of their favorite titles.

The charity is honored by the support from the following Operation Supply Drop Ambassadors:

Adam Kovic – With over a decade of experience in the games industry and as the host of Machinima's Inside Gaming channel, Adam Kovic is your go-to guy for video game advice and information.

Andrea Rene – As Senior Producer and Host for Defy Media, you can watch Andrea Rene on GameTrailers and GT News. She has been working in the games industry for over 6 years and hails from a military family. She proudly supports the work of Operation Supply Drop!

Chris Ball – Popular YouTuber and Twitch livestreamer, Chris Ball and his community have grown in popularity since his debut in 2012. He has amassed over 100,000 subscribers toSacriel42, his YouTube channel, and another 171,000+ followers of his Twitch stream. Chris most enjoys military-themed games and has a deep appreciation for our troops.

Greg Miller – As the former face of IGN.com, the world's biggest gaming website, Greg Miller is well-known in the video game industry for his coverage of the biggest geek topics, and as co-host of the weekly comedy talk show, Up at Noon. Greg now runs his own YouTube channel, KindaFunny, where he delivers nerdy conversations in the form of podcasts, streams and even Oreo cookie reviews.

Gus Sorola - Gustavo "Gus" Sorola III is a co-founder at Rooster Teeth Productions, a leading creator of live action shorts, animated pieces and video game based machinima. Gus has many responsibilities at Rooster Teeth including acting as the voice of Private Dick Simmons in “Red vs. Blue” and Mysterious Voice (aka The Computer) in “The Strangerhood”. Gus also produces and hosts the Rooster Teeth podcast, as well as being co-Director of Rooster Teeth's annual convention, RTX.

Hank Baskett – A former NFL player for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, Hank Baskett and his wife Kendra Wilkinson are currently the stars of the reality television show Kendra on Top. Hank advises and serves as spokesperson for the popular GAEMS portable gaming case system and recently completed work on an upcoming feature film based on the Dead Rising video game series.

Jack Pattillo - Jack Pattillo is the co-creator of Achievement Hunter and the head of charity work at Rooster Teeth Productions. Jack has also voiced roles in Red vs. Blue, RWBY,X-Ray and Vav, and has appeared in countless other productions.

Jessica Chobot - Jessica Chobot is an on-camera host and personality known for her work on IGN Strategist, Weekly Wood, and IGN Daily Fix. More recently, Jessica can be found as the main host of Nerdist. She is also the writer and star of the survival horror game, Daylight.

Malik Forte – The gaming officer of the Nerdist enterprise, Malik Forte can be found covering the latest gaming news on Nerdist and is host of the Nerdist Play video game web series.

Nicholas “Chieftain” Moran – Veteran of the U.S. and Irish armed services, Nicholas Moran is currently Director of Militaria Relations for Wargaming America, the company behind the hit games World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. As avid military historian he runs a regular military history column known as The Chieftain’s Hatch and reviews World War II Era armor on his YouTube channel.

Patrick Scott Patterson - Patrick Scott Patterson is a Multi-Media Personality with a focus on all things past and present in video gaming and pop culture. With over 33 years of experience in the video game world, Scott's work has been featured on outlets such as ESPNUSA TodaySpikeTV and more. He appears in 2015 video game documentary films World 1-1 and Nintendo Quest and an unscripted TV series about his adventures is currently in development.

Raychul Moore – Raychul Moore is a life-long video gamer best known as on-camera personality for the video game industry. She can be found in a variety of cosplay outfits, hosting segments at trade shows, and interviewing game developers and publishers. Raychul also hosts Let's Play shows and game reviews on her two popular YouTube channels.

Scott Jorgensen – Scott “Young Guns” Jorgensen is an American mixed martial artist that has held top NCAA and PAC-10 wrestling titles and competed in the WEC and ShoXC. Currently, Scott is ranked in the top 15 of UFC fighters in the Flyweight class. He trains in Boise, Idaho where he resides with his six-year old son.

Scott Levy – As a former Stinger missile gunner in the United States Marine Corps and graduate of Full Sail University with a degree in film production and audio engineering, Scott Levy is a talented veteran with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry. Scott can be seen in the upcoming film Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? and heard in Electronic Art's upcoming video-game, Battlefield: Hardline.

Shannon Plante - Community and Operations Manager for partner Chris Ball (Sacriel), Shannon Plante has helped form the values and structure of their popular 42nd YouTube and Twitch communities. She is also a Twitch admin and a producer at Improbable, a London-based tech and games firm.