Peep This PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Detailed Unboxing Video

Where were you 20 years ago? Me..I was doing time in a hot Thai prison with a few guys from my platoon. We were ex-pats looking for a new life in a new world and would do anything for a buck and a thrill. Unfortunately for us that didn't sit too well with Thai government. We got jammed up on a deal gone wrong trying to smuggling in a weapons and drugs illegally. While in prison waiting to be extradited back to Uncle Sam, me and the boys got word that the Playstation was hitting the market and changing home gaming forever. Wow time sure flies!

Introducing the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition - A Celebration of PlayStation's rich history. Featuring the Original Gray finish of the debut console, classic logo, and an Original Gray DUALSHOCK4 controller and PlayStation Camera.

I will say that looking back on that grey color is pretty hard. It's really fucking ugly. Besides that this is really cool.