PSY Gets His Own Comic Book From Blue Water

What is known about the phenomenon musician Psy who has taken over the world of music as well as YouTube? 

Bluewater newest comic book biography  "Fame: Psy" which comes out on May 1st will answer your questions and more.

This is the 1st time that Bluewater has co-produced a biography comic book with the South Korean company “able”.

"Fame: Psy" is written by M.C. Choi; a Korean journalist and member of Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  “It is the success story of Korean rapper Psy who became a world star overnight with only one song - "Gangnam Style" and the Horse Riding Dance", said Choi.  What is unknown to most is that Psy has been in the music business for decades.”

Korean artist Joon Han drew the comic art and cover.

"Who better to join forces with than a South Korean company who has been following the career of the icon for decades.  We are excited to be working with able on a couple of different projects.  "Fame: Psy" being the 1st," said publisher Darren G. Davis.  "I, like many people in the US, thought he was a one hit wonder until I read the book and found out so much more about him".

"To be honest, I was skeptical about doing this comic book but once Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, signed him in the US, I quickly changed my mind.  I am sure he is destined to sky rocket higher than he already has" said Davis. 

The book will be available in print in the US and Korea only at this point.  To order all the comic books exclusively at Comic Flea Market in print for $3.99 please click here (comic book stores can order at the same Diamond discount):

Bluewater has released comic books and graphic novels on other music stars from different genres such as Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Elvis, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Selena Gomez and Paul McCartney. 

Digital copies will also be available for $1.99. Download the comic to your e-reader from iTunes, Amazon, Nook, Kobo, ComiXology, Google Play, DriveThru Comics, Wowio, iVerse, and more.

Upcoming comic biography comics on rock stars will feature Adele, Carrie Underwood and David Bowie.

Bluewater and “able” will be joining forces this summer in a tribute comic book to Bruce Lee

Bluewater is also growing that it is also teaming up with NY Best selling author Julie Kagawa for the “Iron King” novel in their 1st crowd sourcing campaign which has but days left to turn the best seller into a graphic novel.  Check out the campaign here!

Bluewater’s biography comic book series has been embraced by the media and featured on television news outlets including The Today Show and on CNN. The series has also been featured in many publications such as The Los Angeles Times, MTV, Rolling Stone magazine, and Billboard Magazine.