Real Stories of the Most Famous Comics’ Heroes

A lot of famous villains and heroes were created on the basis of real people with some great and exciting stories. Are you the next Superman?


Great people who became great superheroes

Can you believe that the most part of your favorite superheroes were ordinary people in the past? These are most famous individuals with unique characters and outstanding histories that inspired the World’s best animators to create a superhero characters. Let's get right into it.

The Joker

He doesn’t use cards to gamble in the real money casino, he kills a lot of people with help of them. Joker has been written off from Conrad Veidt, the famous German actor. And the impulse for creation of the most charismatic miscreant in the World was "The Man Who Laughs" film.


Harley Quinn

Harley is a villain-girlfriend for The Joker, who was created by Paul Dini. Harley is a prototype of the character of Arlene Sorkin. Paul has created Harley Quinn just after release of the series “Days of Our Lives”.

John Constantine

Magician, swindler and detective John Constantine has become a representation of the English singer - Sting, as the creators of this cartoon were crazy about his work. Besides resemblance, John has borrowed the singer’s habit of smoking several cigarettes at a time.

Jonah Jameson

It is funny, but probably one of the most recognizable characters of comics - John Jonah Jameson has become a prototype of the head of the Marvel company- Stan Lee, who is actually that one who created the comics strip himself.

Magneto and Professor X

Characters of Professor X and Magneto have defended the rights of the ordinary people. It is not surprising, they have been sketched from their predecessors, the famous fighters for justice - Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Iron Man

Because of his popularity among Americans, Howard Hughes has inspired publishers of The Marvel to create the character of Tony Stark and stories about the Iron Man. He has become the top-famous character superhero in the comics industry.

Lucifer Morningstar

Neil Gaiman was trying to reshape the established character of Satan while adding a charm to it. His Lucifer Morningstar was awarded by the David Bowie features, who had charming bad boy features according to the author’s opinion.


In 1928, a Danish student Palle Huld has traveled around the world in 46 days. With this act, he inspired a cartoonist Herge to create a comics character Tintin.

The Hellfire Club

The members of the fictional villain’s society who have fought with the X-Men were copied from publishers.


Supreme governor of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid is less humanistic prototype of the actor - Jack Pallense. But the true prototype of Darkseid was Adolf Hitler.