Reivew: Punks: The Comic #3

Punks the Comic is crazy…Positively, absolutely crazy. How crazy? You ask. Well, in Issue #3, we have the guys preparing for Thanksgiving, Dog interacting with Sean Connery (and eventually the Baldwin Brothers) in his refrigerator.  Dog being placed under hearing for being a communist, and the ACLU making an appearance ready to “brush up” the haters and take over the comic book. All of this bedlam going on, and that is just the first friggin segment.  Following this beginning, we are given some fun cross stitch activities, treated to a classic original Punks story, and made to witness an interview between Dog and comic writer extraordinaire Rick Remender who just happens to be a fish here.  The interview kind of falls a part and Rick bolts (or jumps out of the fishbowl he is in), but not before he leaves a little calling card. All in a day’s work and another fun filled jam packed issue of literary mania. Punks-The-Comic-#3-12.10.14Bringing back this not so oldie goldie are the original creators, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov and artist Kody Chamberlin. The original Punks never quite had the audience back in the day, but had solid buzz and kind of a cult status.  Now we find ourselves several years later and we have a return to the misadventures of dog headed Dog, skull headed Skull, fist headed Fist, and Abraham Lincoln headed Abraham Lincoln back in traction with all new stories and playing for a much larger crowd than before (thanks to the folks at Image Comics).  The first two issues have been pure insanity wrapped into a crispy sarcastic shell that is in your face, at your nuts (guys), and unrepentant in its actions.  Issue number three doesn’t change a bit.  I mean, really, you have Sean Connery and the Baldwin Brothers in the fridge, not to mention Rick Remender as a fish among other surprises.

What’s not to like here?  Just the sheer madness alone is worth the price of admission.  Adding the classic talents of Hale Fialkov and Chamberlin who have made names for themselves in recent years since Punks original release, and you have pure fireball heaving gold.

There is no doubt in my mind that these guys had a blast in assembling this comic.  It’s kind of like George Lucas getting to go back and touch up his Star Wars Trilogy with new affects and added scenes.  Well maybe it’s not that epic. But I am certain that the guys have really loved returning back to their original creation and getting to do enhancements along with new story.  Dog, Skull, Fist and Abe have never looked better and you will find yourself laughing out loud more than once as you shred through these pages.

Now this title definitely is not for everybody.  It is kind of like sandpaper rubbing across your face in its presentation. But, if you have a relatively rough exterior, then I think that this sandpaper of a comic will get your motor going.  It is hardcore live action to be sure, but it is endearing, well put together, and visually appealing in every way that a comic of this nature can be.  I highly recommend it and give it five flaming skulls, five nut shots, five…Well get my drift.  It’s great fun and continues to be with Issue #3.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov Artist: Kody Chamberlin Publisher: Image Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/10/14 Format: Print/Digital