Review: 2000 AD – Prog 1924

This week's Prog is new stories from start to finish, so if you're looking for an issue to jump on, I think this is a great time. The new Dredd story that just started this week looks promising.  First, as an introduction, it took its time and didn't feel rushed while still maintaining the proper feel of a short, introductory chapter: easily the hardest thing to do for a story being freshly serialized.  Second, Flint's art is a welcome change on a long run of Dredd when compared to the really indulgent art of Staples.  Not like there's anything wrong with Staples (the dude is a master), but Flint's art has a sloppier feel that still maintains a great deal of vividness.

2000-AD-Prog-1924Orlok, which I gave a hard time when it first started out last time, vastly improved towards the end when it started consistently delivering short, entertaining chapters filled with really clever layouts.  This time, with "The Rasputin Caper," Orlok is already off to a promising start.  Pre-cogs are one of the coolest things about the Dredd universe (just ask everybody who is in love with Judge Anderson), and having an artist pre-cog--especially one named "Rasputin"--is something you can go ahead and sign me up for right now.

Strontium DogSlaine, and Grey Area are all titles with which I'm a little less familiar in my time with the Progs.  I confess to having absolutely no idea what's happening in either Slaine or Grey Area, but Slaine is absolutely fucking gorgeous and Grey Area put in one of the most awkwardly funny chapters I have read of anything in a few weeks (one of the names of the characters is literally "Officer Resting Bitch Face.")  Strontium Dog, however, looks really promising: here's a guy in jail, here's some bad guys the government needs to take care of--it's a winning formula (and I'm a sucker for mutants).

If you like science fiction, broaden your horizons and check out this Prog.  They managed to get me to enjoy this week's chapter, in spite of the fact that it lacked The Order.  No, I have not shut up about it yet.  And I won't.

Score: 4/5

2000 AD - Prog 1924 Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: 2000 AD Price: £1.99 (Digital) £2.49 (UK) Release Date: 4/1/15 Format: Weekly; Print/Digital