Review: 2000 AD - Prog 1965

My darling The Order is suffering from a major slowdown, as Dredd and Strontium Dog are left to carry the issue. Much of this arc of The Order so far has been focused on getting the series back to where it was before after the epic conclusion of the first arc.  That would be a fine direction for the series; but, the entirety of this leg of the series has solely been an exercise in trying to get back to where it was before, and lacks any charm of its own aside from the promise of what came before, eventually.  Burns' art remains a unique contribution to comic shelves everywhere, but he isn't allowed to shine in the same unique, imaginative manner when The Order is limited to being a blase procedural in-between more exciting installments.

2000-AD-Prog-1965-1Dredd slowed down a tad this week to let the investigation into the murderous judge gain some steam.  Still, Sexton and O'Grady are creating a very visceral take on the Meg that I would be happy to look at regardless of what the plot is doing.  ABC Warriors is similarly killing it on the visual end, though I will say the plot is not yet at a point where it feels like more than an excuse to bring back these characters.

Honestly, Strontium Dog is the only other title that fully has its shit together in the Progs right now, with an interesting caper of a story and the usual tight sequentials.  Kingdom is... fine?  At the moment, it just feels like a car chase with a lot of bug swatting.  That's a little reductive, but typically when I'm reading the Progs, I'm expecting a little more than stacked horizontal action panels.

Score: 3/5

Prog 1965 Writers: Various Artists: Various Publisher: Rebellion Price: £2.55 Print / £1.99 Digital Format: Print/Digital Website