Review: 3 Guns #6

It's here!!! It's finally here!!! The grand conclusion that we have all been waiting for!!! And after painfully going through the last few issues of this arc....I must say that this is the best issue of the bunch. Unfortunately, that is not saying a whole lot and in the case of this story, it might have been a too little too late to salvage the entire story. Still, I actually liked this one. Just wish the previous five could have been like it. 3 Guns is the sequel to 2 Guns that was a comic released as a movie over the summer of 2013 starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. This sequel comic has been running also since the summer of 2013 and we now have reached the end.

3 Guns has what you would expect in a buddy tale gone bad. It has lots of action, betrayal, side stories, and machismo. It does have lots of machismo. So, much in fact, that I think that I could never quite get into it. There simply was just too much trash talking and impossible action sequences that just was too much to believe. I always felt that someone would have killed the "two guns" a long time ago before they started into one of their talks as a gun is pointed at their heads. The third gun, in this case a lady/bad guy girlfriend/secret agent could probably hold her own, but even so, it just always felt like the guys were too much.

3Guns_06_rev_Page_1The story of this arc concerns a big arms deal that doesn’t go as planned and now money is missing, guns are missing, and everyone, good and bad want to know what happened and wants to make that person or persons responsible pay. It turns out that much more is happening with eyes everywhere and crazy plot twists that I do not wish to give away because this may be a comic that some would like to read someday.

I am happy to say that in this issue, the actual plot is finally revealed and dealt with in an adequate nature by Steven Grant. It is believable (a little) and there are even some surprises regarding relationships and it answers the question of if someone would shoot even if it would wound a friend. I actually found the dialogue good and well meshed into the action for a change rather than the standard double cross that appears to be the norm with our heroes.

The art by Emilio Laiso has continued to be a bright spot on this story and I think in this issue the art and script finally came together. But alas, we are on the final issue and that is it. There is of course always the opportunity for another sequel. The door is left quite open. It is my hope that the creators can build on what they did in this issue and use it to be a guidepost for any future updates to the tales of the "guns"

Score: 3/5

Writer/Creator: Steven Grant Artist: Emilio Laiso Publisher: Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/15/14