Review: '68 - Jungle Jim #3

Review by: Connor Russell Jungle Jim for me has been one of those series that I originally didn't expect much of when I started, but thankfully I have been surprised as each issue has been better than the previous. Things have been building up really well and this is the rise before the plummet with the next being the final issue. Hurry up and read my review.

“Jungle Jim” and the girl have arrived at the children's shelter. Through flashbacks the events that happened to the shelter and the lady caretaker are shown, things get pretty horrific until Jim saves the day. Jim and one of the teenagers staying at the shelter than set out to save the children that the Vietcong had kidnapped. This issue also delves more into Jim's mission and why he's doing what he's doing.

Mark Kidwell continues taking care of writing duties. Like I said in the intro, each issue has improved from the last. Kidwell has melded action and horror quite well but he pushes in some pretty strong drama into this book as well. As outrageous as the believability of the story is (its fiction) Mark Kidwell portrays the characters really well and I care about them. I want to read the next issue, I want to see how they evolve and what they do.

68jjim03_coveraJeff Zornow is in charge of the art again and it continues to look good. This guy does some of the best gore work I have ever seen in comics and I guarantee that readers will find themselves having to go back over some of the scenes in case they missed a detail of a zombie being torn apart, the tiger parts are pretty cool. Jay Fotos' colouring looks brilliant and it feels like the cherry on top for the trifecta of this creative team. If you haven't gathered yet, I really like the look and read of this book.

I have been enjoying this series and honestly cannot wait for the final issue. This team work together really damn well and Mark Kidwell has sold the '68 series to me, I want to read the others in the series. I recommend this book to anyone a fan of horror or just zombies in general. Especially if you people are fans of gore.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Mark Kidwell

Artist: Jeff Zornow

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 6/5/13