Review: A-1 #6

Well I did a couple of Group Reviews for this series and just fell in love with it. I will be honest though, with the new issues I held onto them but hadn’t gotten around to reading them yet. When the opportunity came to review this series I jumped at the chance. This comic is fun. Not only are there three stories to enjoy, but my favorite story Carpe Diem, starts and ends in one issue. It is fun to see a single episode from beginning to end. It reminds me of the old time TV shows with basic plot lines and amazing characters. To my surprise when I opened this issue, Carpe Diem was an extended story from the last issue. It was a little heartbreaking not opening the comic and seeing a full story. That is why I think I latched on to Carpe so fast, because I knew I could always come back when I had the time. I am probably getting way too upset about the whole thing. It was just different, and like most, I hate change!

My hope is that I start reading this comic again in order to keep up the story, but if I fade away I hope this impression doesn’t stick. In having this ridiculous rant, I still love Carpe and still think it holds that fun humor I crave. It is an all-out monster war in this story. Again, this was different because I am so used to seeing the Days kicking some ass, but the monster fight made up for this rather quickly. I can’t help but think that some awesome crazy person is thinking this stuff up.

A1_06_Cover_CDThe Weirding Willows issue was interesting but lacked some excitement. I mean Alice’s father, Dr. Moreau finally learns that his lifelong dream of speaking to animals has actually been true all along and none other than his daughter is at the head of this discovery. You would think he would go a little ape shit, but instead he is actually pretty calm. He is more frustrated that his daughter didn’t tell him, instead of the fact that these animals can fucking talk! Like how does this badger find a suit in his size? That is the sort of stuff I would be asking. It was a tad slow moving and hope the plot develops some more interest like the werewolf chick. She seems to have some back story.

Odyssey moves a little slow as well. Maybe having Carpe right in the middle spends up the issue, so Odyssey just seems slow. I love the Captain look-a-like play. It has lots of twist and the masked people we met make the whole story a little creepy. I think this story has the most plot points behind it and will unfold to be a great read.

All of the art in this series should be recommended. It is amazing to see how crisp all three stories can be. Titan has done a great job with this series, and I look forward to seeing Carpe and Odyssey unfold. Willows is nice too, but I could do without the slow movement. I still don’t really get the theme of this one.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Dave Elliott, W.H. Rauf Artists: Sami Basri, Rhoald Marcellius, Garrie Gastonny Publisher: Atomeka/Titan Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/13/13