Review: A Voice in the Dark #3

There is no denying that I am totally in love with this series. It is extremely well written and crafted by Larime Taylor. And to read it, is to want to read more. From page one of issue one, you just flow and "feel" the story of Zoey Aarons... Scholar... Student... Radio DJ... and Serial Killer. Taylor in this tale takes you on a journey into this life that in every area but one, the serial killing part, we see Zoey to be smart, personable, caring, and an overall good person. Of course there is the killing part and in issue three, we begin to see Zoey taking the next step from becoming a casual killer, to a full blown, remorseless, and cold blooded murderer. How she gets there, we are not sure as of yet. But we know that she will one day, and that there are others out there as well that share her desire.

voiceinthedark03_coverAppropriately titled “Killing Game Part One”, issue three adds more clarity to the location that we find Ms. Zoey living. That is, where she is going to college and the surrounding town that she finds herself at as a student. It appears that this little town might just be a perfect place for Zoey and her desire as there are lots of legends, stories, and gossip of the dark underside that makes up the local area that is just a short drive from Hollywood. Likewise, as Zoey works to understand the happenings that occurred during her first radio show, we are given a glimpse of the dark town culture as those involved are apparently well known. All of it works to add additional blocks of understanding to an already excellent tale.

I have been looking to see when this story eases up and becomes more bland. Most stories typically have a slow part that fills the reader up with backstory or side story, or something. I have yet to find any of this slowing down with Mr. Taylor. His pace of the story has been perfect and there are just not enough things I can say about the artwork. It captures a darkness underneath, yet generates a feeling of warmth and emotion too. It really is a lot like Zoey and the town for that matter. There is one portrayal, yet a darkness that is buried deeper within that you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it. This shows me the skill of a master artist and writer as Larime Taylor does them both here. He is a Zen Master. If you don't believe me, just check out the cover of Issue #3, it absolutely personifies that darkness beneath the exterior (with some blood splatter too). Masterful work from a masterful storyteller.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Larime Taylor Publisher: Image/ Top Cow Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/15/14