Review: A Voice in the Dark #4

For the past few months, I have had a real guilty indulgence in reading Larime Taylor's study in young psychotics, A Voice in the Dark. When you read it, you can't help but to get engulfed into the world of Ms. Zoey Aarons, a serial killer in the making who’s trying to fight her dark desire as she deals with adjusting to a relocation and a urge to kill. Zoey has left her home for a college that is a pretty good distance away from her family, minus her detective Uncle and adding to adjustment, we soon find out that this campus town might just be the serial killer capital as recent murders and old legends factor prominently in the make up of the area. In order to help fight through her intruding thoughts of murder, Zoey has created a radio show on campus where people can express their darkest musings anonymously. So far, it hasn't helped.  And thanks to Taylor's flash forwards, we know that Zoey does kill again. How she gets from point A to Point B remains a mystery, but here in Issue #4, we are beginning to get an idea as to the victims, and possibly a reason too. Only time will tell.

AVITD04-CoverWhat we do know is that Zoey is invited to a sorority party by one of her roommates and we get a glimpse of the party and the victims as things progress. Mr. Taylor himself even makes a cameo appearance as a would be suitor for Zoey (An absolutely classic move by the way). What we also see is peer pressure, social ineptitude, and more handiwork by another killer in the area. It all adds to an already great story and this issue continues to spin an awesome web. My guilty indulgence continues.

I have mentioned this before,  but Taylor writes Zoey in such a "human" way. She comes from a good home, is intelligent, a little bit shy, and generally friendly in her interactions with others. Take away the killing part, and Zoey would be a great person. That is what makes this story so intriguing. It is with such care and consideration that Taylor writes and draws Zoey. She is innocent and guilty at the same time. Truly an amazing feat from an amazing creator in Larime Taylor. He's writing this tale hella good and I know that I am in for the duration. You should be too.

If you look up Larime Taylor on Google, you will get tons of articles about his disability. All I can say is that he has made the best with what he has regarding physical limitations and he has utilized his immense desire and talent to make one of the best running stories today regardless of his disability. The guy is truly incredible.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Larime Taylor Publisher: Image/Top Cow Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/19/14