Review: A Voice in the Dark #7

I had an opportunity recently to watch a video about Larime Taylor and his working process. Due to a congenital disorder, Mr. Taylor has to do all of his writing and drawing with his mouth. He uses a camera and takes pictures of friends in different poses and he uses those pictures to go about his writing and art. It is a long and tedious process that helps you appreciate all of the hard work that he puts into things. When you realize that during his entire seven issue run of A Voice in the Dark, that he has not yet missed a deadline, then you get the understanding at his crazy dedication in making sure that things are done without delay. He is an impressive guy. But not knowing any of that, and in just reading the story that he has written...Well I'm just going to say that being impressed is a complete understatement. Defects or not, Larime Taylor is a true comic talent. He can write. He can draw. And in finishing his first volume of this one, he can flat out spin an interesting tale. A Voice in the Dark has been one, if not the most favorite comics of mine in recent memory to read. Taylor's story of serial killer in the making Zoey Aarons is quite simply phenomenal. Taylor has taken a character and explored the dark desire within, following her every step of the way both in her mind and also in her reality as we finally get to bear witness to the murders that have been referenced several times throughout the whole story arc. Here in this issue, we see the murders, the preparations made, and even the after "clean-up" part. It is pretty rough and graphic, but it also is amazingly done. Because like it or not, Zoey Aarons is still an extremely likable person. Take away the murderer side, and you would have a textbook description of a "good" person. Zoey is a good and likable person. The fact that she is a stone cold killer just makes her more interesting.

AVoiceInTheDark07_Cover copy 2I have spent seven issues getting vested in this story and the payoff is there. Issue #7 is the best to date. And much like Zoey herself, Larime Taylor has grown in his process too, gaining intensity, gaining strength, and gaining renown. The guy is a monster, a bad ass, super artistically talented monster ready to gobble up all pretenders.

I look at all the aspects of this issue and of the entire seven in the story to be perfect. The flow and pace of the story combined with the amazing dark, yet cool artwork create a witches brew of devilish delights. And, it looks like someone may know exactly what Zoey is up to as well (?) Only the future will reveal this answer however. And only through Mr. Taylor will we be entertained by its outcome.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Larime Taylor Publisher: Image/Top Cow Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/21/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital