Review: A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #2

It has been a pretty decent wait for the second issue of the second story arc of A Voice in the Dark featuring the incredibly tasty supersized talents of Larime Taylor. And I must confess that I have missed it greatly.  If you have been following the story of student/serial killer Zoey Aarons, then you know where I am coming from.  The story to date has been hypnotic, almost like an opiate that feeds into your darkest desires, but also entertains immensely. To read it, is to love it. And I have enjoyed every brutal bit of the issues written thus far. Unfortunately for Mr. Taylor, he has been going through several personal issues making him a little late in its release (that he covers in the letters section).  Considering that he does pretty much the whole thing on his own and with his mouth, I think he can get a pass on being a little late here or there. Not because of his disability.  But because he is putting everything into this tale. You can feel it.  It has passion.  And after reading the latest issue, as far as I am concerned, he can take all the time that he needs.  A Voice in the Dark is A+ entertainment all the way and a thoroughly fun ride into oblivion that I will ride with on any day.  It is my sincerest hope that Mr. Taylor can persevere from his personal issues currently happening.  If the outcome of his life matches his dedication to his story, I have a very positive feeling that all things will work out for him. Godspeed and blessings I send to you man.

Voice-in-the-Dark-V2-#2-1-14-15As for Issue #2 of the Get Your Gun story arc.  It’s awesome! The aftermath of Zoey’s most recent kills is in full stride albeit a few weeks after the fact.  Zoey is pretty meticulous and there are very few clues or evidence causing for the delay.  Even so, Zoey and her roommates are under the list of interviews by the cops due to some recent history with the murdered couple. Other events in action with this issue regard the introductions of new characters as well as Zoey’s budding possible romance to another serial killer named Rio.  The study in contrasts between Rio and Zoey are amazing and I found myself reading this comic like a book reflecting on each word as I moved from frame to frame and page to page.  This issue is a page turner. And though the action is minimal.  The movement of the story continues to move quite nicely.

Taylor writes this comic like a novel really getting into the mind of Zoey as we likewise see the action of life being played out.  It plays on a deep introspective place while simultaneously working the angles of the outside world.  Taylor is masterful in his word play between the two and we bare witness to something that feels real and serious.

Artistically, Taylor has continued to flow with a nice style that has substance in each rendering. Adding a spectacular touch with this new arc has been the adding of color and interesting use of blood splatter on each page. Making the “real” feel portrayed in the writing even more real.  It is a great touch by Jay Savage.

My only knock on this arc so far has been that it only will be five issues long.  It is my sincere hope that Larime Taylor will not only continue on with the final three issues, but that he also will continue to tell the tale of Zoey and her evolution into whatever it is that she will become for a longer amount of time.  Serial killer with a conscious has been the early form of Zoey to date. It remains to be seen if it will stay that way. Only time will tell.  As for Issue #2 Taylor has penned another creepy classic,

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist: Larime Taylor Colorist (Interior): Jay Savage Publisher:  Image/Top Cow Price: $2.99 Release Date: 1/14/15 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital