Review: Adventure Time #27

Last month, I thought Ryan North had tragically ended our heroes but they’re back! Well sorta, in ghost form.  Finn and Jake got tired of their old bods and decided to change things up a bit. So they became ghost pals. Seemed like a pretty good idea at first but as this issue goes on, I think our heroes regret giving up their solid structures. I really thought that the storyline was going to falter after that last transformation but here we are. North just oozes creativity and continues to bring hilarious stories alive.

Let me just elaborate on the comical antics of issue 27. We pick up right where we left off last month with BMO discovering Finn and Jake as ghosts. Usually, BMO is pretty cool about things like this but BMO just flips his/her shit. So much so that Jake has to override BMO’s programming so that BMO is no longer afraid of ghosts. BMO is completely unaware that she/he had ever freaked out. Kind of a Men in Black move, Jake.

AdvTime27_coverBAnyways, so Finn and Jake want to take advantage of their ghost bods and do some good; which consists of pranking Ice King. Things get weird fast but honestly, that’s what I love about the series. BMO becomes Ice King’s practice date and BMO is actually enjoying it; I kind of feel like they would make a good power couple.  To Finn and Jake’s dismay Ice King is not even fazed by ghosts. He actually turns the pranks into a delightful date with BMO.

Finn and Jake give up on Ice King and head towards the Candy Kingdom. Things go down south fast, when their attempts of activating “ghost powers” go awry. They even try communicating with Princess Bubblegum but she’s not down with ghost. And takes matters into her own hands by hiring a team of professionals to rid the Candy Kingdom of paranormal pests. So much for being rad ghosts, huh guys?

I can never get enough of Adventure Time. It deserves all the recognition and awards ever, like right now. North has done an amazing job at bringing Pendleton Ward’s creation alive.  Oh, and I can’t forget the brilliant illustrations of Jim Rugg. Seriously man, you know your way around a comic.

Also worthy of mention is this month’s guest story. Jelly Wars, features two princess jelly filled doughnuts declaring civil war against each other. Strawberry jelly versus grape jelly, sounds like a breakfast table dispute but these princesses aren’t messing around.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ryan North Artist: Jim Rugg Publisher: KaBoom/Boom Studios Price: $3.99 Release date: 4/16/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital