Review: Adventure Time #28

Adventure Time #28 continues with the ghost busters on the hunt for phantoms. Last month, PB hired a squad of experts to suck up some pesky invaders. To her dismay, those invaders are actually Finn and Jake in ghost form. Yea, ghost form. Finn and Jake had an existential crisis and decided to leave their mortal bodies behind. I think they’re starting to find out that being a ghost is kind of lame. Issue #28 had a pretty interesting plot and opened up the storyline for a whole nother adventure. I’m starting to feel like this arc is dragging though. Adventure Time usually keeps the momentum going but I wasn’t feeling it so much this issue. Again, it was a decent story but it didn’t have that wit or humor that I always look forward to. What is noteworthy though is Jim Rugg.  He does a spot on job with his illustrations as he never falters on his Adventure Time work.

Let me get back to that plot that I was talking about. The ghost huntin squad consists of anti-ghost princess, Hairy Chris and Cherry Chris.  They’re both named Chris but one is hairy and the other has a cherry head.  Anti- ghost princess has some skeletons her closet that I’ll let you find out for yourself!

AdventureTime_28_coverB copy 2Anyway, Finn and Jake are trying not to get sucked up by their super fancy ghost guns. PB is quite impressed; her science side is all over it. Finn realizes that if he concentrates he can solidify parts of his body but then the other ghosts trapped in the guns catch on too. Basically, Finn broke out a butt load of evil ghosts. Now they are on the loose and ready to start pranking on the unsuspecting citizens of the candy kingdom.

PB devises a super-mega crazy plan to turn everyone in the candy kingdom to ghosts. She wants form a candy kingdom ghost army to defeat the evil ghosts. This could go really well or go really terrible.

As usual Adventure Time concludes with a guest story. This is a continuum from last month with a war between two jelly filled princesses. It was actually a pretty cute pick me up as it all ended well with hugs and friendships.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Ryan North Artist: Jim Rugg Publisher:Boom/KaBoom Price: $3.99 Release Date: 5/21/14 Format: Ongoing, Print/Digital