Review: Adventure Time #34

#34 concludes the Mnemonoid story arc, picking up right where we left off. Finn has a way to stop the creature, and just in time- Ooo is covered in ice, Queen Bubblegum is wallowing in the dark, and Finn is old. Super old. Finn’s still got that youthful spirit we all know and love, not even bothered by the old man body he’s suddenly found himself in. His first stop is Queen Bubblegum’s; she’s as old as he is, completely alone, and not too keen on adventure. She doesn’t have to youthful vigor Finn has, but she does have her memories, and unlike Finn, she remembers being defeated by the Mnemonoid over and over. There isn’t much fight left in her, and she wants to be left alone. Who can blame her? Finn’s persistent, though; he doesn’t remember the losses, and he’s got a plan.

AdventureTime_034_coverAQueen Bubblegum and Old Man Finn confront the Mnemonoid to find out what makes him tick, to “learn how to defeat him,” as Finn explains. The Mnemonoid gets his fuel from stories and memories, so Finn and Bubblegum present him with an alternative. They take him to their past, where we meet up with Finn, Jake, and the others who all look like the versions we know and love. Included in this reunion is LSP, whose never-ending gossip is a harmless source of fuel that the Mnemonoid immediately loves and latches onto. Having saved the day, Old Man Finn and Queen Bubblegum disappear, we’re left with the young versions, and all is right in Ooo.

#34 has reignited my love for the show; it’s been a while since I’ve watched it, and suddenly I have the urge to marathon it. This comic is hilarious. I rarely laugh aloud while reading, but #34 had me giggling audibly a couple of times. From the very first page, I was grinning and reading eagerly. Finn’s enthusiasm is contagious, even in his stooped, old man form, and I loved seeing young Finn and old Finn interact. Ryan North does a wonderful job capturing the personalities we’re so familiar with, and he keeps things light without diminishing the seriousness of the situation. It’s absolutely perfect for all ages.

The art’s pretty spot on, too; Old Man Finn is perfect, his eyebrows are hilarious, his facial hair impressive, and still, it doesn’t detract from his personality. He’s wrinkly and hairy and creaky, but still looks every bit the adventurer we all love. The action bits are well drawn, and it all keeps in step with the art and the feel of the show.

I seriously recommend this comic, even for those who haven’t seen the show. It’s not difficult to pick up on the what and the who’s who, and readers who are unfamiliar just have to roll with it, as Finn would. Woke up in an elderly body? No sweat. Ooo is covered in ice and snow? Oh, sure thing. Roll with it, turn the page, and see what happens next.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Ryan North Artist: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb Publisher: BOOM!/Kaboom! Price: $3.99 Release Date: 12/3/14 Format: Ongoing; Print/Digital