Review: Adventure Time: Ice King #1

Adventure Time: Ice King #1, well... this is a story about a sharp-limbed former antiquarian, twisted by a supernatural crown into a mad serial kidnapping King, on a frantic hunt through his very own Ice Kingdom.  But no longer on the hunt for princess’, our Ice King is hunting his personal companion, a penguin named Gunter. Adventure-Time---Ice-King-#1-1And that’s exactly the fun and innocuous humor rampant throughout the entire issue.  Anything from the creative world of Pendleton Ward is saturated with the goof (def: frequent incurable sillies) and clever puns; even taking the time to call out the overkill, just the type of self-awareness that makes satires so entertaining.

What we readers get is a nice and full tour of a full cast of characters from the TV show as the Ice King rips shit through the entire kingdom.  The artwork should be familiar to anyone with previous Adventure Time experience and is littered with fun details of ridiculousness.

Despite all the sillies there is a real story buried there; little seeds planted between the Ice King and other characters as well as a potentially exciting new piece of lore for the entire universe.  I can’t ignore that the story starts a little slow; but I also can’t ignore the fact that is typical of a first issue.

Score: 4/5

Adventure Time: Ice King #1 Story: Emily Partridge Writer: Pranas Naujokaitis Artist: Natalie Andrewson Publisher: BOOM!/KaBOOM Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/20/16 Format: Mini-Series; Print/Digital