Review: Adventure Time: The Flip Side #4

Imagine that you found yourself in a land where everything was opposite, seems like a fun idea right? You’re wrong! Ooo is now a battleground and our heroes who are deep in trenches and barred wire. Let me pause and rewind for a minute; Finn and Jake released a curse, sorta. They found a post on the backside on a hero’s forum board and that lead to Ooo getting all jacked up. Now Finn and Jake have to get a princess kidnapped instead of rescuing her or Ooo will be doomed!

Okay so back in the trenches Finn and Jake are yet again plotting another scheme to get Monkey Wizard to kidnap Princess Painting. This time around they have enlisted their friend Lumpy Space Princess (LSP), who is like this gossip General. If we are being honest that is just the perfect role for her, I mean no one can gossip and sabotage like LSP. They need her help to get Princess Painting elected Queen of the Marshmallow Mixer so that she will be so desirable that Monkey Wizard just can’t possibly resist her. She does have some stiff competition, I mean Puzzle Princess and Jock Tooth-Gleam are a pretty rad couple, will General LSP be able to win this dating war?

AdvTime_FlipSide_04_coverAI was thinking that they’re eventually going to run out of ideas and have to fix Ooo sometime but they just keep going with these amazing little stories. I really enjoyed this issue, I think it was the weirdest issue of the arc yet! I loved LSP’s intensity! I think LSP always makes every issue better.

So no complaints here, keep'em coming!

Also like to mention that this is probably my favorite set of variant covers for the arc. I think they all perfectly encompass what this issue is about.

Score: 5/5

Writers: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover Artists: Wook Jin Clark Publisher: Boom/KaBoom Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/2/14 Format: Mini-Series - Print/Digital