Review: Age of Darkness #1

Age of Darkness is just age of darkness. There has come a zombie apocalypse that has ravaged the planet overtaking everything. Nothing seems safe as even animals are infected with the virus and they are hell bent in snuffing out all remaining life. It is a dark time, but there's hope. The hope of a seed, a seed and a message that one day may sprout into new life and a new age. It's as hopeful a message as can be found in such dark times and this Titanium Comics issue begins right there, following a rag-tag team of "believers" who are seeking the message of hope to where it may lead them...which currently is to a location given on an encrypted frequency. The team works together to reach their destination. What do they find there? Now I am not going to tell you. You are going to need to buy the book which now is covering the first two parts of the "Revelations" story arc. I will say that what the team does find is not what they expect. But likewise, it's not what the reader will expect either; a hallmark of any good comic story.

Age of Darkness (2)Created/written by Don McLiam and featuring the writing, drawing, and coloring talents of Joanna Estep; along with additional drawing and coloring by Leonardo Colapietro and Marco Pagnotta respectively, a very good zombie tale has been crafted during a time when zombies are all the rage. Even if they weren't the rage right now, this story could hold on its own.

We are introduced to the characters and they are a nice mixture of brawn and brains. They have been weathered by survival and their reactions to events that unfold in the comic are realistic with no real "hokey" types of lines which is such an easy trap to fall into when killing zombies is your focus ("you're dead meat pal", stuff like that, ugh). None of that is here and the art offers a good complement to the story showing a burnt out landscape, war worn characters and nice uses of color strewn throughout everywhere.

It is a very entertaining story even though our characters are knee-deep in the age of darkness. This issue definitely inspires the reader to want to read more. I don't know if our characters will find what they are looking for, but I am looking forward to taking the ride with them.

Score: 3/5

Writers: Don McLiam and Joanna Estep Artists: Joanna Estep and Leonardo Calapietro Publisher: Titanium Comics Price: $4.99 Website Facebook Page