Review: Agent Carter 1.4 – The Blitzkrieg Button

So far this has been the most solid hour of television that’s come from Agent Carter.  This is the episode I’d show people who may have missed out until now.  This is what I’d show people to win them over.  It’s a well-balanced hour, the acting is good, there’s equal action and characterization and there’s equal comedy and drama. I don’t want to spoil too much for anyone who might be reading this to decide if they want to watch the show but the thumbnail sketch of the plot is that Howard Stark, who is considered a traitor, comes back to New York to check on the progress of his stolen devices.  When he sees what all has been recovered he tasks Peggy with stealing one of them back.  There’s also a cameo by the King of Cameo’s: Stan Lee.  So, if that’s your tipping point for jumping on board you have that to look forward to.  During this we get some really solid intrigue from someone close to Peggy that promises something interesting down the road.


During this episode Haley Atwell really shines as Peggy Carter as she delivers a full range of emotion.  She delivers the wry and dry comedy, she provides straight-woman for some great bits in her all women apartment complex, she kicks-ass and you really feel it when she gets emotionally betrayed by Howard Stark.  The gender politics in this show, including a brief monologue about how she is just a woman in this episode, have always been a little harsh but I suppose they, more or less, reflect he attitude of the time.

If you’ve been on the fence about Agent Carter I’d start with this episode, everything you need to know to be caught up is told to you in the open and if you like it, which you most likely will, then binge watch it on Hulu or whatever your streaming service of choice is.  Right now everything is on Hulu so you won’t miss a second.  Sorry to be so brief but it’s really worth watching and seeing for yourself.

Score: 4/5

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