Review: Animal Man #3

Review by: Connor Russell As I have said before with DC's reboot (will it last, only time will tell) I decided to give them a chance. I was wanting something a little less than the normal like Batman or Aquaman. I was tossing up between Swamp Thing and Animal Man and took the latter coz a mate recommended it. I am glad that I picked this up and so far, three issues in, I still wanna collect the series.

Buddy Baker and his daughter have found the Red Place. This is the physical place of The Red, the life force Buddy taps into so he can use the power of animals. Buddy learns from the totems of The Red that he was never an avatar for the animal world, it is in fact, his daughter. The three weird mutated beast things (The Hunter Three) are going after Buddy's wife and son, only to then attack him and his daughter in The Red. A few more things happen but I don't wanna give it away.

Animal Man #3Jeff Lemire is the writer for this issue and he has only improved from the two previous issues. I have never read Sweet Tooth but because of this I now want to. It is the bizarre world of Animal Man that keeps me drawn to the series that Lemire is able to pull off. He intrigues you without giving too much away, as it is obvious there is so much more that can be revealed but you are left wanting more. Bringing you back. It is a weird place between these pages but not enough to deter you. The pacing is well done and I can't wait to get my hands on the next issue that's for sure.

Travel Foreman continues to do the art. His take on the amalgamated creatures of The Red is amazing. I dunno how he does it but wow, they are disturbing but you cannot help staring at them for a while and recognizing all the different animal parts. And the cover? Just look at the picture, it is awesome!

I honestly cannot find anything wrong with this series. If you have not yet picked it up, then do so coz you're missing out on what could be one of the best series from DC (let's hope I don't get proved wrong and it fails). You will enjoy it if you're a fan of Lemire's or Animal Man. Even if you are normally a dedicated Marvel fan, seriously check this out.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Travel Foreman Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99