Review: Animal Man #4

Review by Connor Russell This is a series that I am happy to admit I read. Just when I thought that hero comics were dead, this came along. Its bizarre story and artwork is what has kept me going. And because of it I wanna get my hands on some Sweet Tooth. I shall say now, get this. But now I shall get onto the review, that is what you wish to read.

So Buddy Baker (aka Animal Man) and his daughter Maxine have gone to The Red. The web of life that connects animal life. Turns out Maxine is the avatar of The Red and Buddy was only a pawn. They have been hunted by creatures of The Rot (basically screwed up life forms) and do battle with them. Whilst this is happening Buddy's wife and son are trying to get somewhere safe and little do they know the detective escorting them is the last creature of The Rot.

animal+man+4Jeff Lemire continues to write this series, which has been my introduction to the character. I find that his story telling to be very intriguing. He has pulled me into a world of crazy and I don't want it to end. The idea of The Red being a place and Buddy not being all that special, The Rot. It feels like there is gonna be something big going down soon because the suspense is building high. He seems to writing up an entire mythology surrounding The Red and Animal Man, so that gains my interest even more.

The pacing in this issue, like all of the previous ones is superb. The movement through the pages is fluid. Lemire is able to combine drama, action and almost horror very well. Switching between one of these three before you get bored with one.

Going onto the art, it is again done by Travel Foreman. His art is just as twisted as Lemire's writing. Being able to bring the crazy to life mustn’t be easy but I am always blown away by his art. He is not overly detailed (unless it's the creatures in The Red and Rot). I found myself taking my time to take in the monstrosities and everything else.

I pretty much gave you my conclusion in the intro but I'll try to be different. Its both the writing and the art that really sets this comic apart. Lemire will certainly have you enthralled with this story that he has brewing and Foreman's art brings it to life. I truly recommend this and if you have not yet got it, then please do so. You are doing yourself a favour and you will not regret it.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Travel Foreman Publisher: DC Comics Price: $2.99