Review: Apocalypse AL #3

I am always up to trying new comics, and Apocalypse AL was right there staring at me. I thought I would give this unique comic a try. First I love female leads especially in the kick ass department. Al, our lady detective, seemed like the perfect fit. I really love how Al is pictured too. She isn’t overly sexualized but still rocks with her fight scenes.  Now I call this comic unique, because it was a strange read. I haven’t read something this strange in a while. The basic premise follows Al running around town trying to stop the world from ending. Now the weird part comes in; there are portals opening that let in all sorts of creatures into the world. Al has spent her whole life trying to contain these creatures. It is the family business for her. Al has a flashback when opening up this issue. She talks about her relationship with Scott. Scott was her former partner and now a half dead man who looks like a computer generating man. We know how he got hurt, but I don’t exactly know how he is dead but still living. I like the supernatural mixing with real world events. I love comics that can bring the emotion but still have monsters running around the town.

ApocalypseAl-03AOur first monster encounter in #3 is with a troll. This dude is an annoying jokester. This troll holds information that Al is trying to find. Remember these portals keep opening up and Al wants to stop that. In order for her to complete the mission, AL must take down Ultimate Darkness. He threatens to open up all the portals until he finds hell. Then the world will end. I never understood the point in trying to find hell. Don’t these guys realize that once the world is over, their lives will be over too! I am not judging the evil doers of the world, but come on man at least sneak out world domination. Then you can live. Anyway, the troll knows things, and even though he is annoying, Al needs him.

Al narrates a lot of this comic. I like hearing their spin on things, but it is a tad too much. Most of the talk is basic information too, so I would slow down on her talking to us so much. In saying that, it is interesting to get inside Al’s head, and the comic needs some filler space too because Al is one of loner types. After getting her info from the Troll, Al gets herself into an all-out chase through an amusement park. The action is fun with this scene, and last a good amount of the comic.

All in all, I was satisfied with my first read of the comic. It was lots of fun seeing these supernatural devices in Al’s world. I will come back for more. And I am not going to line, there is a big cliffhanger at the end of this comic. I am sucker for cliffhangers. It is a problem. But with this series, I am investing enough to see where it takes us. If you are thinking this week is slow with comics, then pick up something new. I am suggesting Apocalypse Al.

Score: 4/5

Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Artist: Sid Kotian Publisher: Image/Joe’s Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 4/2/14