Review: ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria For The End Times

Do you like strong female characters? Me too. Especially when they feel like they can actually do the things depicted. Instead of the usual female character that is weak and timid most of the time, until the need to appease readers comes up then they turn into bad asses for a few pages before returning to (as Loki put's it) mewling quims. Aria feels like a real person and her character stays consistent throughout the book. The book follows Aria through an end of the world scenario. It's got all the typical trappings of an end of the world scenario. Groups of people banding into tribes. Technology that no longer works and needs to be fixed. One piece of tech in the book is a giant mech that Aria is constantly scavenging parts for and trying to bring back online.

ApocalyptiGirl---An-Aria-For-the-End-TimesA lot of pages in this book has little or no dialogue which leaves the artwork to do most of the talking, and talk it does. The decision to not use much speech, shows the desolation of the world and the loneliness. Then there is the backgrounds, we've gotten so used to seeing the end of the world as a barren and uninhabitable wasteland. In Apocalyptigirl the land is fertile and although the buildings are ruined and crumbling, new trees and plant life is growing on them. This makes the world look really beautiful, and makes you keep turning the page to discover more.

The story flows at a really good pace, revealing new information in a steady stream that keeps the story moving but doesn't rush. There are twists and turns within, I guarantee that where the story begins you will not be able to guess the end (or maybe you can so I shouldn't guarantee and just say I'm fairly certain). The way Aria deals with the wasteland is great and her relationship with her best friend, Jellybean (a cat), is handled really well.

The style of the artwork ties all these elements into a lovely package. This is a book that anyone can pick up and enjoy. The age rating of twelve years old feels realistic as there is some violence and blood in some panels that might not be suitable for younger readers (even if it is drawn in a really cute style). It's a simple enough story that younger readers will be able to understand it, while still having enough nuance that older readers will get a little more from it.

I would really recommend this book and for ten dollars this it is definitely worth picking up.

Score: 4/5

ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria For The End Times Writer/Artist/Creator: Andrew MacLean Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $9.99 Release Date: 5/20/15 Format: Trade Paperback; Print/Digital Frmat: Graphic Novel