Review: Archer & Armstrong #15

If you like beer, pub crawls, history and time travel, I would say this story has everything for you. I know this is an odd combination but that is Armstrong’s life and so let’s enjoy this time travel pub crawl with him. I know I did. Harbinger Global is receiving the news that members of the Sect are meeting their destruction and starting to put the pieces together and suspect Project Rising Spirit is behind this, but they will be there to pick up the pieces.

Armstrong on the other hand is traveling through time with his brother Ivar. As Armstrong calls it, an old fashion pub crawl Timewalker style. It starts with the first time the Sect tries to off Armstrong in Egypt at the beginning. Of course they fail and six beers later they move to the next period in time. Ivar has been tracking the time portal to get to a specific time, the next stop Vienna, Austria 1529. Here Armstrong enjoys more fine ales to his liking and gets into a good old-fashioned bar brawl. The next time portal leads them to London 1813 creating “The Great Beer Flood of London”. Ivar is all psyched about it, but Armstrong being the humanitarian he is explaining the many people hurt and killing by the foolish act. Ivar explains that all the time he has jumped through and the screwed up thing he saw like Hitler winning a Nobel peace prize. As they jump to their final location in Pennsylvania right before prohibition Armstrong is so drunk that he ends up in the street puking. As Armstrong in pretty much passed out Ivar meets a cloaked figure.

AA_015_VARIANT_WALSHThis story is fun and takes you on a drunken binge with Armstrong.  There is more going on with what is happening to the Sect and Ivar’s plan with Armstrong. The difference with this story is it works toward the larger story, but you forget about enough to sit back and enjoy the journey. The list of stops with what preferred beer is awesome and seeing how drunken Armstrong really is was a great add to the story.  Plus adding the mood he is in was totally true as some of us have watched others get drunk. The detailed art with the detailed action make the story come alive. The coloring makes you feel the time periods and seasons of the time travel.

Pick this book up because, well its great and you still can get into the beginning of the “Sect Civil War.” Well I’m going to enjoy a brew and go on a pub walk with Armstrong and read this again.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Fred Van Lente Artists: Khari Evans and ChrisCross Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 11/13/13