Review: Archer & Armstrong #19

Here we go getting closer to the conclusion of "Mission Improbable",  but I’m still enjoying a ride. I was so ready to dive head in head first because I didn't want to wait. It's here and it doesn't disappoint. Archer is sleep-fighting, not walking, but fighting off the Corps. Not just fending them off, but handing their asses to them.  Finally the alarm wakes up Archer which makes him more alert for fighting and Genius realizes that Archer is just learning the powers that are being used against him. Finally Palmer yells to the Corps members to stop using their powers for attacks and only defense, instead they should use guns when attacking.  Archer drags Disciple with him as the medical area goes on lockdown.

Disciple is suffering from a broken rib that has punctured his lung. The problem is the room is full of neurosurgeons, but of course Archer knows how to operate. If you haven’t figured it out Project Rising wants Archer because he is the greatest pisot. He can manifest any power he wants and is constantly learning new ones. Archer wants one thing... Kozol.

Armstrong has realized he is working with a bunch of idiots with the new alliance and he is going to have to breakout Archer himself. Luckily they have one person inside that has been tipped off where the best entrance would be to get into Project Rising’s base.

AA_019_PULLBOX_MOLINALet's start off with the fact that I love this crossover. The combination of the adventure, comedy and gritty action blends so well together. You can tell the writers definitely worked together to bring the best they can. The story is seamless between issues and it really doesn't matter what title you are reading, the story actually brings you in. The one thing is you can feel Armstrong's true friendship with Archer and everything he is willing to go through to save him. The Corps is a little lack luster the only real person is Major Palmer. I would say Bloodshot's role is minor in appearance, but of high importance and I can't wait to see his role in the conclusion.

The art is impressive and awesome as usually. I really love how Archer projects the powers that he needs and the depiction of the action. The action flows off the page and has me just turning it to see.

Pick up this issue and the previous ones too. They are worth every penny. The story is great and the art is fantastic. This is definitely the best story so far this year I've read.

Score: 5/5

Writer: Fred Van Lente Artist: Pere Pérez Publisher: Valiant Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 4/2/14 Format: Ongoing - Print/Digital