Review: Archie #628 – Archie Meets Kiss – Part 2

This book is fun, but the premise should have ended in this second part. The problem is that this is a four-issue arc, so the gag starts to run dry here. Continuing off where Veronica cast a projection spell that brought monsters and Kiss to Riverdale, Archie #628 sees Sabrina in bondage. Yes! The Kiss Army invades Archie’s tree house. Yes! And Kiss dresses up like the Riverdale gang. No!

ArchieKiss2coverThe good news is that there’s a shout out to the Phantom of the Park. The bad news is that when Kiss fights the invading monsters, Gene doesn’t spit fire. In one of the weirdest lines I will type today, Paul shoots a pulsating ray from his hand at a female mummy.

The tongue-in-cheek fun runs throughout the book. It’s good, safe entertainment for all-ages. The Riverdale zombies have no nightmare inducing gore or evangelical cursing morbidity. Instead, a Riverdale Zombie has noirises.

Last issue brought the gimmick together in such a well-paced story. This issue drags. I’m betting you can skip #628 and #629 without missing anything. I will review the next two parts, but I’m only looking forward to the conclusion in#630.

Score: 2/5

Writer: Alex Segura Artist: Dan Parent Publisher: Archie Comics Price: $2.99 Release Date: 12/28/11