Review: Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #1

Bloodshot to save the earth? At least part of it. I swear he keeps coming back for punishment to work for an organization instead of running solo, but again he is a super soldier almost a mercenary type. He is the perfect character to bring against the Armor Hunters because what he can bring to the table. Bloodshot is now part of Unity, thanks to Livewire, to help out with the attack from the Armor Hunters. Of course Bloodshot was tracked down because he was on his own mission against Project Rising in Columbia. Bloodshot arrives at M.E.R.O. to help out there and because of the nanties he get right to business in the detention center. That is where Malgam is held. He gives a warning that you cannot stop the Armor Hunters and enjoy what life you have left.

AH_BLOOD_VARIANT_HAIRSINE copy 2Sirens start to blare as M.E.R.O. is under attack the western walls have been breached. Bloodshot goes marching after a quick stop by the armory. The Armor Hunters have sent their “puppy dogs”.

I’m going to leave it right there this story you need to read to get the whole scope of the book. The action sequences and flashbacks flow together perfectly as if they were one.  The story portrays well how much of a badass Bloodshot is with everything he can dish out and take. The use of Bloodshot’s nanites have change to where you see more of the hacking and rebuilding skills outside the body instead of just rebuilding his body is very interesting because you don’t see that side much. The item that peaked my interest is that I believe we found some who can match or come close to defeating Bloodshot. the only downfall Bloodshot was almost too perfect.

The art work jumps and works well, but the highlight again was the seamless switch between the real time and flashback scenes. there was enough different to know which was which but it was straight out in your face either. Its gritty and detailed which works really well with the character.

I would pick up this book just because of the action in it and what's to come from the rest of the mini-series. We have great quick build up for the story that keeps moving and isn’t dull. If you are a fan of Bloodshot you get your money worth from this issue.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Joe Harris Artist: Trevor Hairsine Publisher: Valiant Comics Price $3.99 Release Date: 7/23/14 Format: Mini-Series, Print/Digital