Review: Army of Darkness: Ash in Space #2

In the last issue, Ash got blasted into space while chasing a possessed astronomer.  Artemis Vrill, the stargazer, uploaded the Necronomicon’s contents into the space stations computers creating a technologically based Evil Dead. Then that was somehow forgotten.

AODSpace02-Cov-A-HardmanFor the better part of the issue Ash battles his repossessed hand.  While the hand, which can now talk and fight, provides a scintilla of humor, the overall effect was a rather tedious and overdone distraction.  I do like seeing Ash with the chainsaw back at the end of his arm, but the need to explore this gag at such length spread the whole plot thin.

The action does pick up when Ash meets the three beautiful astronauts and their crew.  Deadites possess most of them, and Ash has to step up with his whole “Chosen One” responsibilities to set things right.  When the blood starts flowing, the book gets good.  Ash gets his trusty chainsaw and hacks up the Deadites while saving the damsels.  The plot thread dropped at the end of the first issue gets picked back up, and the whole space station (powered by an AI) gets a little, well, Evil.

While the artwork is just fine on the issue, the writing needed a great big slap of editing.  As mentioned, the connection of the first issue’s plot and this one’s would have been better handled without all the nonsense in between.  Somehow, Vrill managed to disappear.  A cooler villain emerges at the conclusion of the book, and that does make for a decent ending.  Unfortunately, it’s not enough to save this issue from just being a mediocre story with a haphazardly penned plot.

Score: 2/5 

Writer: Cullen Bunn Artist: Larry Watts Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment Price: $3.99 Release Date: 1/7/15 Format: Mini-Series; Digital, Print