Review: Arrow 3.18 - Public Enemy

This week we got an action-packed episode with quite a bit of Lance’s personal drama. Plus Ray had a bit of a storyline, and in our flashbacks, Ollie meets Shado’s sister. Roy still feels guilty for killing that cop way back when he was on the mirakuru, and on top of that feels the guilt of having non-fatally shot a few cops in order to escape. In a moment of both self-sacrifice and stupidity, he turns himself in as the Arrow. He does this after Ollie’s already turned himself in and is being transported to prison, but whatever. Roy works on his own timeline, I guess.

Captain Lance finally, finally finds out that Oliver is the Arrow. He doesn’t use his brilliant detective skills; he has a casual face-to-face with Ra’s, and Ra’s spells it out for him. Really, Lance, at this point it’s just embarrassing. I’m pretty sure everyone else in Starling caught on a while ago, and the police force just pretended not to know so as not to embarrass their captain. I mean. Really.

Arrow 3-18 Public Enemy

Ray had some good stuff this episode, but the love triangle persists and it’s beyond stale. Time to toss that bit; make Felicity choose (I thought we were past this point but hey, if you can drag out a subplot then why not?) and move on. Ray and Felicity could be really great as a couple and as a storyline if they can get past the love triangle. Just think of what these adorable geniuses could get up to! If only!

Roy turning himself in as the Arrow is a great twist, but doesn’t work quite as well to have him do it after Oliver. Lance made a public fuss about Oliver being the Arrow, there was a massive manhunt specifically for Oliver Queen, Ollie signed a confession, and was literally in police transport when Roy showed in the Arrow get-up. It was a noble move, but did not make much sense at that stage. Roy’s looking to deal with his personal guilt, and absolutely not thinking clearly. I’m not sure who’ll smack him first, Ollie or Thea.

The episode ends with Roy’s arrest, but I’m not convinced that it’ll stick. Lance knows he’s already got the real Arrow, and Oliver won’t let Roy take the fall. It was a good move, Roy, but you left it a bit late.

Score: 4/5

Arrow 3.18 - Public Enemy

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