Review: Bad Blood #2

It is finally here, the new issue of Bad Blood! I’ve been waiting for this glorious day. So, if you haven’t read the read the first issue, you might think to yourself not another Vampire! But seriously, this is worth reading and it’s not your typical glamorous vampire story that pop culture has loved to spew out by the countless YA novels. You’re in good hands with Jonathan Maberry and Tyler Crook. So, last time we saw Trick he was at the start of his hunt for a ruthless vampire which led him to a shady vampire club. That first issue was really amazing and just pulled on my heart strings.  Maberry and Crook bring back that old familiar feeling again and this issue just jumps back in right where we left off last time. Trick meets a girl that knows her way around the vampire community, which actually doesn’t consist of any real vampires. It’s more about being a believer and being completely enamored by the idea of immorality, I guess.  This girl, Lolli, is more hopeful in being turned by a vampire than getting revenge. Most of the issue surrounds the two going to various vampire hangouts to get some answers and I will leave the rest for you to find out. I’m usually not caught off guard by plot but Maberry keeps it unpredictable and I’m not sure where the next issue will leads us but I’ll waiting for whatever comes.

Maberry is a master at dialogue; I mean a lot of comics out there don’t make you feel anything but Maberry is a crafty one, indeed. Trick’s utter torment just hits you right in the emotional twisty part of your guts. You just become divulged into a subculture of vampire fetishes and it feels like the myth becomes a reality. Then add Crook’s illustrations on top of that and BAM!! You got yourself a gold star dark fantasy comic. Crook always has an eye for color scheme; issue two demonstrates that talent, it’s like you fall into this oblivion of horror that only trick feels.

Bad Blood #2 Cover

Score: 5/5

Writer: Jonathan Maberry Artist: Tyler Crook Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $3.99 Release Date: 2/5/14