Review: Ballistic #2

Are you ready for some crazy ass shit to happen? Reading every line, seeing every picture wondering what the hell is going on here, but somehow you keep compulsively coming back for more. Well, welcome to Ballistic my friends. This comic is for serious mother fuckers. I mean you can’t just be sleeping in your old twin bed at your parents’ house. You have got to be in the basement or in a rooftop apartment that “isn’t exactly connected” to your parents’ house and owning your own shit telling friends “yeah I am trying to earn some extra cash in order to move out.” So unless you are that serious don’t read this comic. Our story is about... well... a lot of things. We have Butch, our main character. Butch has entered the world of the criminals and is being chased for his wrongdoing. Butch constantly talks to his best bud, his gun. All machines are alive in this comic. Everything has a mind of their own. The world is now like this because of a war. Electronic companies were left ruined after the fight for fossil fuel increased. Animals soon grew the ability to adapt and quickly. This meant a lot of weird animals running around and most likely they are out for blood. I can’t even describe this world. You have to just dive right in to see what the deal is.

Ballistic #2-1Butch’s gun refused to cooperate during Butch’s first criminal move. So after the two escape, Butch knows that Bang-Bang, his gun, needs drugs to get back on track. Butch goes to his supplier who is acting suspicious. Turns out something is wrong with Bang-Bang. Butch is without his best pal for most of the comic, because a lot of people are after the data this gun holds. The whole issue is dedicated to Butch finding his pal and seeing what Bang-Bang’s data is.

I really have to hand it to this comic, because it is just plain weird... with all the right weirdness. Darick Robertson’s art is perfect for this series too. He really put Repo City right in your face. The comic doesn’t try to explain everything about this world, and here it works; keeping me entertained with this new city that is unlike anything I have seen. Am I lost? Well hell yes, but I couldn’t imagine a more creative world to be sucked into.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Adam Egypt Mortimer Artist: Darick Robertson Publisher: Black Mask Studios Price: $3.50 Release Date: 9/11/13