Review: Ballistic #3

You know those comics where you say out loud, “what the hell just happened there?” Ballistic is one of those comics...every issue you are saying this. I think this comic is insane. For most people that is a warning; for me I freakin’ love it! Usually I comment on the action when I call a comic insane but Ballistic has to do with the story line. Butch is just a regular dude. He took to crime because his city is falling apart. He really didn’t have anything better to do anyways. Bang-Bang, Butch’s gun, and Butch make quite a team. No really, I love these two together, oddly enough, I find myself attracted to Butch. Ha. He has got that dorky badass role going for him. Bang-Bang is our humor. Every time this gun shoots, some hilarious line spits out with it. The two seem to be in love with each other. Butch can’t get enough of Bang-Bang, and I am pretty sure he shed a tear when the gun got stolen from him last issue. Luckily the two are back together now.

Ballistic #3-1The two are with some chick named, Gennie. She is trying to help the pair to figure out what is wrong with Bang-Bang since he got stolen. Turns out all the machines in the city have been bugged. The virus is making them crazy. Did I mention this world is like a full on machine ran world? What living things are left in Repo City are dying very quickly. It is up to Butch, Gennie, and Bang-Bang to figure out the key. We don’t know much about Gennie, but her story progresses as we go through this week’s issue.

The three amigos try to find out the source from Bang’s information inside him. It leads them to Crustco, a friend of Butch’s. The gang goes to his headquarters only to find some giant machine named Enzyme running after them. And this machine means business, but knowing Butch no matter the cost he is still trying to mack on Gennie during all of this action. Believe me the fight is pretty awesome and the macking is even better. It all leads to some disturbing discoveries.

Ballistic has a lot in store. This issue alone had so many plot changes I only scratched the surface with my review. I know this line is lame as fuck, but don’t take my word for it and seriously start reading this comic. There is a lot going on, so it is best to jump on board now and enjoy the awesomeness that I have enjoyed for three issues now.

Score: 4/5

Writer: Adam Egypt Mortimer Artist: Darick Robertson Publisher: Black Mask Studios Price: $3.50 Release Date: 11/6/13